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✿ BDB2033/BADB2033 : E- Commerce ✿

Assalamuaikum & hello everyone !

There are FOUR people in our group :

Let me introduce them :
(By our full name & matric cards)

1.Ashley Radha Nathan. (Top Left)

2. Shaqdhatul Shaqeema Salleh (Top Right)

3. Atiqah binti Sapardi.(Bottom Left)

4. Nurhidayu binti Husin.(Bottom Right)

A short video link of the TWO sites we visited for those that prefer watching a video instead... :)

This is our first location for our E- Commerce Assignment :

Just type Centre Point Sabah on Google Maps or the mobile app Waze (available in Google Play Store) to find the shopping complex.

Center Point is our first location.(The front-view image of the shopping complex)  
Here are some links to the shopping complexes for further information :

Centre Point Sabah provides a wide variety of shops that would enable the visitors to find stuff the stuff they want.It's a one-stop destination to find products like handicrafts at a competitive price.There are also various stalls in the shopping complex that also sells handicrafts but their selection are limited due to their small size.The souvenir shops being selected in our blog were chosen for their wide variety of local handicrafts and souvenirs which had appealed to us.

There are three Sabah Handicraft centres in Center Point :

1. The House Collection 
Centre Point Sabah Lot D39, 3rd Floor, 
Jalan Centre Point,
Postcode 88000, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. 
 Core Business : Selling Gift & Souvenirs. 
Tel: 014-3516887( Abdin) & 012- 309286 ( Rita). 
This is just a partial-view of The House Collection. 

This the Wide View of The House Collection. 

This is our group photo with the counter lady. 

The Fish key chain which also has a zipper as to serve as a small  pouch from The House Collection .We had actually found quite an array of local products here that caught our attention.Must Visit! 

2. CPS Local Product Centre
Level G Lot No. G44
Jalan Centre Point,
Postcode 88000, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
 Core Business : Selling  Souvenirs. 
Tel: 088-241500 /016- 8313202( Mohd Azlan). 
Signage of CPS Local Products.The Shop is located on the Ground Floor beside the side entrance of the shopping complex so its hard to miss this shop. 

Inside the CPS Local Product Centre:

There are a wide variety of local handicrafts and souvenirs as shown in these pictures. 

Interesting packaging for the SEA CUCUMBER or in the Malay language being referred to as GAMAT . 

Ash and Ayu are busy shopping inside:

Key-chains,T-shirts,Refrigerator Magnets,etc.This shop does offer visitors the opportunity to find small trinkets and souvenirs

The product is made of dried  interwoven bamboo leaves with some local aesthetics. It primarily functions as a jewellery box.We found many variants with more colorful motives available as well.

Ayu is promoting the other products inside like the colorful bead necklaces and bracelets in the CPS Local Product.

There are various colorful stuffed toys. The most iconic being the ORANG UTAN from Sepilok which are in pink, red,yellow and green color.  Other notable stuffed toys includes the green-turtle,starfish and the heron as displayed in the photo above.
Real Bayau.
Sources: Google.
Real Sepilok Orang Utan.
Sources: Google.
The toys which are on display for sale are really adorable and plushed especially for small kids :

Let see this ! 

✿She is a such happy kids ✿
✿She is a such cute pie ✿

Notice how she likes the orang-utan stuffed toy.Plushy and adorable toys do make small kids happy! = ) 

This is our group photo at CPS Local Product. 

3. Sana Kraft
Jalan Centre Point,
Postcode 88000, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah .
 Core Business : Selling  Souvenirs. 
Tel: 088-287821.

Signage of the SANA KRAF.  A tall guy that you all saw is Ash. He is trying to persuade the staff to get more INFORMATIONS. 

They (Tiqa and Shasha ) are showing off the local products like the postcards and the colorful bead bracelets  that they have purchased. 

1. This is Tiqa. She is showing and purchasing postcard which has MOUNT KINABALU and the RAFFLESIA flower.
2. This is Shasha (on your right) . She is displaying a bead bracelet near her wrist .

This is our group photo inside the SANA KRAF retail store. 

This is our group photo without their staff as they were quite reserved in having their pictures taken

Then, this is our second location for our E- Commerce Assignment : Sabah Museum

Where is the location ?
It is fairly convenient with Google Maps or mobile apps like Waze to arrive at this destination.

This is the main door for the Sabah Museum. 

This is our next location . 

The Sabah Museum is the ideal location to take "selfies" as it has a bevy of locations within its compounds to do so.One may also do a quick browsing in the museums to learn of Sabah's history and diverse ethnic groups as well as their culture.  
Let's go!!!

Wait ✿ ✿ ✿ 

'Selfie'  first:

Sorry the pictures are quite blur because only using  W580i Sony Ericsson phone.  

There is also a Museum Shop here for your convenience in grabbing local souvenirs

Side View of the Museum Souvenir Shop

There are ENTRANCE FEE lists : 

This is the Ticket Counter: 

The Museum's Operating Hours:  From 9am to 5pm daily (Ticket Counter closes at 4.45pm)

The Entrance Fees can be summarized as follow: If One is a local citizen of Malaysia,the fees will be       
RM 2, free if one is a student while the entrance fees are RM 15 for a foreign citizen to visit the museum 

This is the map to go more further destination  in Muzium Sabah : 

It's difficult to get lost here with a map like this in major areas of the museum

Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take more pictures INSIDE the Muzium Sabah :

The  SIGNAGE as you see it before entering the museum, clearly states :

We are just taking pictures IN FRONT of the Muzium Sabah since we are prohibited to take more pictures as a proof : 

However, our group is making an effort to snap any interesting pictures, OUTSIDE of the Muzium Sabah : 

Woleseley  J 3612 

Information about Woleseley J 3612 

Audi EU 73 

Information about Audi EU 73

There are again some model an antique cars . 

An antique motorcycle. 

Now, our group is still OUSTSIDE of the Muzium Sabah but within its compounds .

But, we want to show you a few TRADITIONAL HOMES at Sabah :  


This is a brochure that we get from the staff . 

Then, this brochure we scan it and publish here in order to promoting more  Muzium Sabah : 
More upcoming activities which are really exciting . 
Come and visit the SABAH MUSEUM which is within Kota Kinabalu. 
A map heading to the SABAH MUSEUM .

This is a banner displaying their current event being held. 
This is a banner  of the VISIT MALAYSIA .

For further information, as specified in the banner:

Call: 1 300 88 5050.
Facebook: www.facebook/CutiCuti /1Malaysia

or (The Museum's Official Website)

Good bye and come again !!! 

On the top of the entrance, the words are ,